No Longer Kittens!

Our little fuzz balls are one year old!

Sugarloaf and Siesta, who we rescued from the yard and found a home for that fell through and then got to a cat rescue who gave them back to us to foster until they found a home for them and then totally ghosted me once they gave them back so we just kept them because they were so happy to be back and we love them so very much are officially a year old!


I made them each a special treat of Sheba roasted chicken, salmon, Pounce crumbles, and a pinch of catnip. It was very well received. I wish these pictures were better. I used the vintage Nikon 50mm because it lets in so much light and thus is great for indoors. But it all happened so fast and I couldn’t frame and focus fast enough. I shot Sugarloaf first (the header pic) and before I got off a few pics, Siesta had scarfed half her’s down.

Sugarloaf then tried to run off with her salmon topper. I had to fight her to get it back as I don’t need a piece of salmon vanishing under a dresser or something, stinking up the joint. The dog really wanted some so we had to keep her on the bed. My other cat Mia who I kept out of the room, was clawing at the door so hard it sounded like she was pulling it off the hinges.

It was pandemonium. But they loved it.


All the stripy cat pics are Sugarloaf. Pic 2 is her absconding with the salmon. The third is after I retrieved it. Then Mia had to come in. Somehow the pics of Siesta just didn’t work very well. Oh well. Maybe if they’re lucky i’ll do this again in a few days with better lighting and an autofocus lens.

So for the record, this was them when we took them Inez they were five weeks old then.


And this is them a few weeks or so ago.

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